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Computer network is an organization of computers which are associated with one other to measure information and sources. Nowadays, internet is one such most frequent source which is composed of billions of computers linked with each other worldwide. Networks are usually identified based on their features. Taking professional computer network assignment help is the finest way to enhance your grades. If you want any aid regarding computer network assignment help then you have come to right place as we have well qualified team of experts who has in-depth knowledge of computer related concepts and can assist students in solving their academic issues.

Few function of computer network:-

  • Enable many users to share a single hardware device.
  • Permits file sharing over network
  • Enable sharing of OS and software on remote systems.
  • Cater ease of interaction via instant messaging, email, etc.
  • Multipoint connection.
  • Point-to-Point connection.

 Types of computer network assignment

Computer network has classified into following categories

  • Local area network (LAN):- Assignments on this topic involve network type which serves small count of people which are compact in a limited area. It is used to associate the internal computer systems that are used within an organization, offices, and educational institutions. It works great in the small covered area. It can be wired, wireless or both.
  • Personal area   network (PAN):- This network is used to form a communication between the devices such as cell phone, tablets, and computers typically within a range of 10 meters.
  • Wide area network (WAN):- This type of network is used to serve large number of people located in a much larger area. It consists of two or more  local area network(LANs) &managed by multiple administration
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN):- This type of network used to connect computer within one city or a large geographical area. It can be used in various forms like Ethernet, Token-ring, ATM etc. MANs are used to build high speed network for cities and towns which is useful due to its medium range. If you desire to prepare an assignment on this topic, then take Computer Network assignment help with our experts.
  • Wireless local area network (WLAN):- it is a type of network formed without the use of wires or physical media to linked several computers to the server.

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